miƩrcoles, febrero 02, 2005


I wrote this poem in English class. LOL, I'm not being disrespectful because we didn't have a teacher today, so there.

Before my poem though, please do not fail to check this hilarious thing out. No questions please. No, "Ay, wazzup lang yan!" because when you see it, you will laugh. Just click here.


I feel that this is a dream come true
Taking me into your arms and never letting go
Loving and kissing and hugging me tight
Never letting me out of your sight

You whisper tender words of love in my ear
When you're with me, everything seems to clear
The way you stare betrays it all
Then I realize I'm starting to fall

But I know it would never be
Though my love for you is a reality
These things I imagine about you and me
Are all made up, just a fantasy