viernes, febrero 25, 2005

The Evolution of Me

Hi blog-readers! I'm baaaack! My computer server was down for a while, thus the reason I could not blog. Made me so sad *sob* So many exciting things happened to me that I'm not sure if I'd remember them all!

Number one, our mural painting is almost done and it's beautiful! Well, doy, of course it's beautiful 'cause the design is by Sam. Two, we had our family day (which I didn't attend) and the Raki Vega concert (which I didn't attend too-- although I wanna! And which I was not part of, sadly). I was MIA because I was at SM with my brother and mother. We had a good time except for the ride home, uh, never mind that. I finally bought a webcam and a CD burner. Yay!

This week, had no classes Monday, Thursday and Friday... and last Friday too. But I nearly broke down Tuesday evening because of heavy workload: ISP, cue cards, study for two tests (Not three- sorry ate Toni), an unfinished compilation... Worse, my server refused to cooperate, so I wasn't able to print chapter three of our ISP because I could not open my email inbox. I managed to finish the compilation around nine, print chapters one and two of the ISP (Sam ended up printing chapter three), and study 1/4 of the two tests. I ended up cramming for the two tests, both in the morning. Cramming is bad, I know, but I really ended up doing that and I managed to get a good score! Yay! I let my seatmate do the cue cards-- bad!-- but she was willing to anyway.

While I was offline, I spent most of my time thinking. Actually, I found myself thinking a lot. One of these thoughts was about growing up. I've changed a lot, and it's not just me who noticed.

I made this one. It's like a study of how I... evolved? featuring three different people: Tricia (um, I guess that would be the youngest me), Trisha, and Patty (that's me right now).

TRICIA: totally shy, would never talk to people unknown to her

TRISHA: less shy, but still shy. Only speaks to unknown people when she's forced to

PATTY: not THAT shy, but when talked to for the first time, she won't say much.


TRICIA: playful, doesn't mind getting dirty (while playing ha- not in school though). Also loves Barbie dolls.

TRISHA: playful still, but minds getting dirty a lot. Still loves Barbie dolls and... Sailor Moon!

PATTY: hates playing if running is required. Really minds getting dirty


TRICIA: diligent. Always does homework before she could change out of her school uniform. Studies hard. Gets good grades. Might have been an honor student if she didn't get absent for a week.

TRISHA: less diligent in studies, but gets good grades. Has a tutor to help her concentrate.

PATTY: less diligent, gets okay grades. She could get good ones if she tried. Doesn't have a tutor. Ends up putting things at the last minute.


TRICIA: doesn't care what people think of her. Would just do what she wants to do

TRISHA: still doesn't care what people think of her

PATTY: conscious and hesitant


TRICIA: loves books a lot. Coloring books, connect-the-dot books, storybooks with big big letters on it plus pictures, you name it

TRISHA: loves pocket books like Sweet Valley, Nancy Drew, Goosebumps

PATTY: reads a lot of books, depending on the story. Mostly likes suspense, adventure and romance.


TRICIA: mimics the performers on the noontime shows and ASAP, and dreams that someday she would be performing

TRISHA: dreams to be a writer. Writes for the school paper AND the newspaper.

PATTY: dreams to be a singer. Auditions for Songbirds (accepted) and Glee Club (We'll see next year)


TRICIA: cute, since she was sooo tiny, she was always first in line

TRISHA: still cute, since she was second in line

PATTY: still cute... kuno! What the, I'm still small! It's in the genes, pare


TRICIA: curly haired

TRISHA: still curly haired

PATTY: straight-haired, thanks to hair-straightening products


TRICIA: loves swimming, a lot

TRISHA: still loves swimming

PATTY: still loves swimming although she doesn't get to swim a lot


TRICIA: smiles a lot, cheerful and charming

TRISHA: smiles a lot, cheerful.

PATTY: still cheerful though pressured


TRICIA: surfs the internet... the Barbie website only

TRISHA: has an e-mail address (from Teletubbies!- *giggle*) and still surfs Barbie's website

PATTY: Certified internet-a-holic. No more Barbie.


The Verdict? I remained the same and still changed a lot. Hey, it happens to everyone, right?