miƩrcoles, febrero 16, 2005


Totally tired. Like, doy!

I spent three hours making my group's gazette. I did all the fricken' work! Like, I encoded everything into my computer and printed it. It's not easy though because you have to format it and everything. I should get something in exchange for that gazette *yawn.*

After that, I made a required journal in Science. It was mostly about abortion and what I thought of it. I was so sleepy that it came out quite long. I forgot what I wrote in there. It was probably full of words like, "totally." What the heck, our teacher should just grade me well for it. That was totally cool.

Had graded practice for oration today. Did pretty well, except that I stuttered for five seconds trying to remember the last sentence. Meg thinks I have potential. Maybe I do. Who knows?

Oh, gosh, what am I babbling about? I have no fricken' idea. I really have to go to bed, or else I might blab in here about China's last emperor, Pu Yi (Who is quite handsome on the movie, if you ask me)... or Wang Lung and O-Lan (We are having a fricken' test tomorrow morning and I have not studied due to the gazette)... or worse, abortion... Doy.

*for me, it's a combination of duh and oi. Got it from Fiona. Again.