viernes, febrero 25, 2005

The Evolution of Me

Hi blog-readers! I'm baaaack! My computer server was down for a while, thus the reason I could not blog. Made me so sad *sob* So many exciting things happened to me that I'm not sure if I'd remember them all!

Number one, our mural painting is almost done and it's beautiful! Well, doy, of course it's beautiful 'cause the design is by Sam. Two, we had our family day (which I didn't attend) and the Raki Vega concert (which I didn't attend too-- although I wanna! And which I was not part of, sadly). I was MIA because I was at SM with my brother and mother. We had a good time except for the ride home, uh, never mind that. I finally bought a webcam and a CD burner. Yay!

This week, had no classes Monday, Thursday and Friday... and last Friday too. But I nearly broke down Tuesday evening because of heavy workload: ISP, cue cards, study for two tests (Not three- sorry ate Toni), an unfinished compilation... Worse, my server refused to cooperate, so I wasn't able to print chapter three of our ISP because I could not open my email inbox. I managed to finish the compilation around nine, print chapters one and two of the ISP (Sam ended up printing chapter three), and study 1/4 of the two tests. I ended up cramming for the two tests, both in the morning. Cramming is bad, I know, but I really ended up doing that and I managed to get a good score! Yay! I let my seatmate do the cue cards-- bad!-- but she was willing to anyway.

While I was offline, I spent most of my time thinking. Actually, I found myself thinking a lot. One of these thoughts was about growing up. I've changed a lot, and it's not just me who noticed.

I made this one. It's like a study of how I... evolved? featuring three different people: Tricia (um, I guess that would be the youngest me), Trisha, and Patty (that's me right now).

TRICIA: totally shy, would never talk to people unknown to her

TRISHA: less shy, but still shy. Only speaks to unknown people when she's forced to

PATTY: not THAT shy, but when talked to for the first time, she won't say much.


TRICIA: playful, doesn't mind getting dirty (while playing ha- not in school though). Also loves Barbie dolls.

TRISHA: playful still, but minds getting dirty a lot. Still loves Barbie dolls and... Sailor Moon!

PATTY: hates playing if running is required. Really minds getting dirty


TRICIA: diligent. Always does homework before she could change out of her school uniform. Studies hard. Gets good grades. Might have been an honor student if she didn't get absent for a week.

TRISHA: less diligent in studies, but gets good grades. Has a tutor to help her concentrate.

PATTY: less diligent, gets okay grades. She could get good ones if she tried. Doesn't have a tutor. Ends up putting things at the last minute.


TRICIA: doesn't care what people think of her. Would just do what she wants to do

TRISHA: still doesn't care what people think of her

PATTY: conscious and hesitant


TRICIA: loves books a lot. Coloring books, connect-the-dot books, storybooks with big big letters on it plus pictures, you name it

TRISHA: loves pocket books like Sweet Valley, Nancy Drew, Goosebumps

PATTY: reads a lot of books, depending on the story. Mostly likes suspense, adventure and romance.


TRICIA: mimics the performers on the noontime shows and ASAP, and dreams that someday she would be performing

TRISHA: dreams to be a writer. Writes for the school paper AND the newspaper.

PATTY: dreams to be a singer. Auditions for Songbirds (accepted) and Glee Club (We'll see next year)


TRICIA: cute, since she was sooo tiny, she was always first in line

TRISHA: still cute, since she was second in line

PATTY: still cute... kuno! What the, I'm still small! It's in the genes, pare


TRICIA: curly haired

TRISHA: still curly haired

PATTY: straight-haired, thanks to hair-straightening products


TRICIA: loves swimming, a lot

TRISHA: still loves swimming

PATTY: still loves swimming although she doesn't get to swim a lot


TRICIA: smiles a lot, cheerful and charming

TRISHA: smiles a lot, cheerful.

PATTY: still cheerful though pressured


TRICIA: surfs the internet... the Barbie website only

TRISHA: has an e-mail address (from Teletubbies!- *giggle*) and still surfs Barbie's website

PATTY: Certified internet-a-holic. No more Barbie.


The Verdict? I remained the same and still changed a lot. Hey, it happens to everyone, right?

jueves, febrero 17, 2005


I have absolutely, totally NO IDEA how I'm gonna start this blog entry. Why? Because I am so happy, so ecstatic that I'm almost delirious! Aaaaahhhhhh!!

See, today was a fun fun day. After workshop, Pearl and I headed out to the mall because I needed to buy things for my THE Compilation. We were just exiting National, went to the other side of the mall, went up the stairs, and I was totally like looking at my bag. Then Pearl suddenly screeched in an excited voice, "Michiiiiiii!!!!" Oh wait, she wouldn't screech, but she sounded like it. Hahaha.

I was loading. When I looked up from my bag (There's nothing fascinating about it- FYI- lol!), I just remembered seeing Michi barreling towards me! Then my shock wore out and we just ran at each other and then we hugged! I was totally delirious and went like, "Oh my God oh my God Michi!!!" when Pearl and Michi hugged. It was sooo fabulous meeting her again.

See, Michi transferred to SHS-Jesuit two years ago. We used to text last year and I found her on Friendster, but we haven't really talked, like as in, talk. We had a good look at each other for a loong time. Things changed so much since she left. We made chika in Rustans, and it was really fun. We nearly chatted for half an hour before Michi had to go shopping. She's going to Bacolod for a class trip. And us? A field trip in the mountains! Interesting.

Michi (for those who know her) has changed a lot, yet you would know she's still the same person. She even looks like the same. Her hair was the same, except for the bangs, and her school uniform. I've grown taller than her, so she had to deadpan what I drank to grow taller. Hahaha.

Before Pearl and I went, we exchanged new numbers (So that's why we weren't texting! Hahaha!) and we made Michi promise to have a get-together over the summer. We invited her to the Family Day this Sunday, but she can't go because of her overnight Bacolod trip.

Man, that was totally awesome. I'm so happy right now! Wheeee!!

miércoles, febrero 16, 2005


Totally tired. Like, doy!

I spent three hours making my group's gazette. I did all the fricken' work! Like, I encoded everything into my computer and printed it. It's not easy though because you have to format it and everything. I should get something in exchange for that gazette *yawn.*

After that, I made a required journal in Science. It was mostly about abortion and what I thought of it. I was so sleepy that it came out quite long. I forgot what I wrote in there. It was probably full of words like, "totally." What the heck, our teacher should just grade me well for it. That was totally cool.

Had graded practice for oration today. Did pretty well, except that I stuttered for five seconds trying to remember the last sentence. Meg thinks I have potential. Maybe I do. Who knows?

Oh, gosh, what am I babbling about? I have no fricken' idea. I really have to go to bed, or else I might blab in here about China's last emperor, Pu Yi (Who is quite handsome on the movie, if you ask me)... or Wang Lung and O-Lan (We are having a fricken' test tomorrow morning and I have not studied due to the gazette)... or worse, abortion... Doy.

*for me, it's a combination of duh and oi. Got it from Fiona. Again.

Weird, Yet Sweet

Just a little thing that happened earlier. I have not been successful in taking my mind off it, but it was really weird, yet sweet in a way.

You see, I was already in our "village" (ha ha ha). As usual, there were adult, sweaty men playing basketball. They stopped their game to give way to me and to other passerbys. Then there was this lonely kid, around seven, wearing a pink shirt and shorts. She was alone, for the other kids her age were playing their own game.

When I passed by, she smiled and asked in our dialect, "Can we be friends?" Needless to say, I was taken aback by the simple question of the girl. I could not trust myself to speak, but I just nodded and gave her a half-smile.

Isn't it weird? But I really found it sweet. :)

lunes, febrero 14, 2005

Happy Day of Love

Hello, my fabbity-fab chums!! It's February 14, Valentines Day, the Day of Hearts or whatever you might call it.

I never thought I'd be saying this today, but I am not lonely! Hahaha, as a matter of fact, I feel great and happy. I just woke up with a happy feeling and it's been like that until this moment. Why would I be sad? It's a beautiful day, after all. The sun is shining (not) and there's a cool wind outside. Everything just feels so serene and peaceful today.

Maybe because it's half day. Hahaha.

I am in a great mood. Did I tell you already? I had a nice time at school today. We had "junior teachers" for the first two periods (Math) and we just had to answer some excersises I found easy, then just bummed around the third one. Then breaktime. After that was the program for our teacher, Mdme. Racal, who I initially hated at first for accusing me, but now I like her (ish). Took pictures, did teacher impersonations, ate, and posed for the cammy. Real fun! I had to clean, but there wasn't much to clean. Then went to the mall with my two friends and then dropped by JRS Express and went home.

I got a yellow rose from Fio-fio, currently in a vase right now and blooming. Mostly I got hugs from almost everyone. Which is nice. And my friend Daryl got me... er, melted Toblerone.

@ Maky: Happy Valentine's Day! You know, I forgot to add something to my list, but I forgot it again. I was actually wondering why you didn't reply to my IMs over the weekend, and now I know, hahaha! Please do say hi to your friend for me. :) I hope to hear from the both of you soon!

domingo, febrero 13, 2005

The Funny Things About Being Small

I was in the salon earlier, waiting for 48 years. I had to have a trim since my hair became so dry. And mom let me have a hair spa treatment. Ish. While waiting, I was able to conjure up this list. It's about the funny things that a small person experiences (e.g. me):

1. When visiting the salon to have a haircut, the stylist usually raises your chair a few inches upward, or lets you sit on pillows.

2. When having a hot-oil treatment (Or anything that requires your hair to be shampooed), the one assisting you keeps on saying, "Raise yourself up pa,"

3. When something is taken away from you by a tall person, and you want it back, it's hopeless. Tall person will just raise the object high above and you have to jump to get it. Unless of course, Tall Person does give it back.

4. It is easier to hide while playing hide and seek when you're small.

5. Small people usually have a hard time getting the growth tablets from the high shelves. Maybe that's why they don't grow much.

6. Most short people can get away wearing anything.

7. Small people turn out to be someone great. Look at our current president GMA, at national hero Jose Rizal, at Napoleon, at power-belter Sheryn Regis and broadcast-journalist Korina Sanchez. See? Next on that list will be me, hwahaha.

8. Most petite girls are used to high heels. I should know.

9. Most guys like petite girls because they can cuddle the girl.

10. If the arrangement is not by height, most short people find themselves at the back of the line. Always.

Though being short sometimes sucks, I love being petite. Even if I wish I could grow two inches man lang.


sábado, febrero 12, 2005

I Could Be...

I could be in Ayala right now, enjoying Close Up's Lovapalooza 2, though I can't participate in the kiss.

Instead, I am at home, tuning in to Studio 23's hourly updates. Which is not bad, since I get to be updated at all the Lovapaloozas in the country right now.

I could be attending the USC prom tonight at the Grand Convention, since I was invited to go as a date to my uncle's friend, wearing probably a pretty dress, all made up, hair fixed, reeking of perfume and meeting people.

Instead, I am at home, alone, in a shirt and a pair of shorts, not made up, hair messed up, faintly smelling of Bvlgari Extreme I sprayed on earlier, not meeting people. And I don't mind, since I am not remotely interested to go.

I could be doing my projects right now, catching up on missing requirements, and completing my personal projects. And if I do that, I might actually have free days this February.

Instead, I'm too lazy, so I'm online. So there.

viernes, febrero 11, 2005


Haven't blogged in a week.

I am so tired. I have been busy for weeks, since school came back. Not online much, due to heavy workload. I usually come home weak and tired, my legs acting like jelloid, my face blotchy and sweaty, and my body perspiring. Oh, did I mention hungry too? And right now my hands are all sore and bruised due to lugging heavy bags and paperbags. So do my shoulders. Damn.

For weeks now, I have been to drama practices. I'm proud to say I haven't missed one. I don't want to miss one since rehearsals are so fabbity-fab, and to get high scores. But it's draining me out. I have not been home for several Saturdays, only Sundays, which leaves me rest-deprived. And Sundays, I do my projects. I am so tired.

In school, I am consistently pressured to study, for there are usually unexpected exams. I try to listen to every lecture and understand the lesson, and I do, really. I have been getting good scores, so that's one good thing. I try harder in Math to concentrate, and in tests I am doing great, so it makes me happy.

When I go home after school, I study for forthcoming tests and do projects. I don't have much free time. I usually sleep early, then wake up around five to study. Effort, eh?

And this Saturday--tomorrow, I am going to school for the mural painting project of the department. Fabu. I am one of those in the documentation team.

In home economics, I have three personal projects to do and one compilation. Tiring! They don't give me a break!! Ugh!!

I even made this funny, yet truthful schedule. Every day of February, I am supposed to do something. I have to complete my missing requirements for my clearance. Though I'm not missing much. Just those when I was absent. Good.

I finally finished reading The Good Earth. Uh, okay, don't like the ending much. It took me a long time to finish it because it was so, er, descriptive.


A few points:

.:: Just call me Girl Bulol. One day last week, Dixie and I tried out other roles in our play. And I kept on messing up the words. Well, they were in Filipino. When I messed up a word, I go "Bleblebleble!"

.:: I tend to stumble easily. Just one push and I'm down. Like today, I arrived in school early, bringing a heavy paperbag and my bag and I was climbing the stairs when suddenly-tsuk! I stumbled! Wahaha, I must've looked funny, a teen trapped inside a small body carrying a heavy paperbag stumble and going, "Ow shoot!"

.:: There was this one day when everything I put my hands on will fall. First was my notebook. When I arrived at home, I held the chair and suddenly it fell down. It made this clanking sound. Wahoo. Then I tried to rip open this bag of Chicharon and then-tsuk, a piece of chicharon flew! Holy cow and sacre bleu.

.:: Wednesday, I nailed my line!! Yay! Funny though, I just held on to Fiona and suddenly the line came out perfectly. In that annoyingly perfect tone that is supposed to be Jessie! Then yesterday, I tried to nail it again but I looked at my classmate Faye, and she was laughing, so when I said my line, it came out somethingy whatsit like, "Yeshahahahahaha!!"

See, I am so palaw!

* synonimous to "pasaway". I got the word from Fiona. It was contageous, but still, she caught my "LOL", hahahaha!

jueves, febrero 03, 2005


I am an underachiever.

I absolutely cannot believe it. How did I know? Well, earlier this schoolyear, we took this Otis Lennon exam thingy to measure your potentials. Got the results yesterday in Guidance. And gag me *sob*. I feel totally bummed about it.

Why, you may ask. Read this:


Verbal: 71
Nonverbal: 90
Total: 84


Verbal: 65
Nonverbal: 87
Total: 78


VERBAL: A (Average)

Verbal Comprehension: AA (Above Average)
Verbal Reasoning: A


Figural Reasoning: AA
Quantitative Reasoning: AA


So I am this, like, er, "genius" (hate to put it that way), but I am not achieving according to my potential. Crapola!

Now you know why I am so sad.

miércoles, febrero 02, 2005


I wrote this poem in English class. LOL, I'm not being disrespectful because we didn't have a teacher today, so there.

Before my poem though, please do not fail to check this hilarious thing out. No questions please. No, "Ay, wazzup lang yan!" because when you see it, you will laugh. Just click here.


I feel that this is a dream come true
Taking me into your arms and never letting go
Loving and kissing and hugging me tight
Never letting me out of your sight

You whisper tender words of love in my ear
When you're with me, everything seems to clear
The way you stare betrays it all
Then I realize I'm starting to fall

But I know it would never be
Though my love for you is a reality
These things I imagine about you and me
Are all made up, just a fantasy

martes, febrero 01, 2005

Good Things, Bad Things ; In and Out

THE BAD THING: I did not get accepted in the Glee Club

THE GOOD THING: From February 14- 18, I am not the one staying in school practicing from 5-10 PM. Hahahaha!


THE GOOD THING: Staying up at night

THE BAD THING: Having a hard time waking up


THE BAD THING: Not eating much so you can save up

THE GOOD THING: I can save over a hundred bucks a day


School-year's nearly ending, so here's a little recap on what's hot and what's not this year.

OUT: Construction paper

IN: Bio-Tops


OUT: Sketchers

IN: Chuck Taylor / Converse


OUT: Other pens

IN: G-Tech

More later!

Hey Franz, I know how to do the desktop thingy! Watch this:

O diba? Say what you want, but it's CUTE. I like it. A lot. It's been my background picture for two days. Yehey!