miƩrcoles, enero 26, 2005

Worth Blogging


Busted computer no more! Yes!! I can now do everything that I used to do with my
beloved computer because it's fixed! Thanks to McAfee's Stinger, whom my uncle
advised me to download. Actually, he told me that last Christmas but I wasn't
that patient enough to wait up for the Stinger site to load up. My mother
dearest was the one who patiently waited up for it and now my PC is fixed! I
love my mother! And I'm so happy because now I can finally freely surf the net!

~Here are some things worth blogging~

January 14, Friday- My mother's best friend, Auntie Meg, along with her husband
Uncle Mike and their only kid Erick arrived from Manila. They were staying in
Cebu for a few days because of the Sinulog festival. Their plane came at around
ten in the evening, and since our streets were full of people, we had to do
U-turns at literally every corner since most roads were blocked. Damnation. We
finally settled to eat at Abuhan's, since it's open that time. Then we went to
Regal Park Inn, where they made reservations.

January 15, Saturday- Filipino play practice at Meg's crib. She has a really
amazing house, probably one of the most amazing one I've been into. It's really
colorful and the theme was like, American-ish, and it's just so NICE. Not much
white, thank you. And it looks LIVED IN. My role is Jessie, and though I have 2
lines, I am an important character in the play. But these two lines are pretty
hard to nail.

Bought my second Princess Diaries book. I really want to complete the adventures
of Mia Thermopolis because I really find her entries cool. While dining at
Sunburst, Chynna Ortaleza just barged into the resto, decked in a green
sweatshirt, shorts, and talking to her companion. Then she went into the
restroom and ran out a few minutes later to the Smart party outside. Chynna?
She's pretty thin, very pretty, but she had too much make up. Mother dearest
also bought me a new piano! Although I'm not very good at it like Meg is.

January 16, Sunday- Sinulog Festival! We met Auntie Meg's family at the inn,
then we WALKED (I swear, it was a long one) to Mango Avenue, over by Luz
. We had lunch there and there were these bleachers in front of
Metrobank. We found seats there, so we had a pretty good view. I can say that
this year is more festive. Even saw the complete cast of Krystala, and I saw
Ogie Alcasid too. He's handsome! Anyways, after a few hours we walked to
Chowking at Fuente Osmena, where we ordered refreshments. Then we walked back to
Redemptorist to hear mass, then we walked back to the inn. Whew. Good thing I
was in my Chucks. They're pretty comfortable to walk into. That was tiring.

January 17, Monday- No classes! Spent the day relaxing and watching TV. I tried
to go online but my server was busted then. Auntie Meg and her family left for

January 18, Tuesday- Ate Judith's birthday!! Belated Happy Birthday to her,
who's currently in Washington DC for "training."

January 22, Saturday- Getting of cards! It... is totally unbelievable! I PASSED
Yay!! It increased by only one mere point but that is ultra cool
because I earned my reservation slip-- my ticket for next year!

Also went to Sammie's house for ISP. They have this really nice house, feels
homey. I had a blast! They served really yummy food and Sam's room is so cool!

Went to Ayala for some window shopping with Fiona and Alyssa. I bought
something! It's a secret, for those who do not know.

January 24, Monday- In Science class, I watched this... rather fascinating film
on the reproductive system and the human fertilization and ick ick. There's this
part where it's really... ugh... because the mother gives birth to the child
and... ugh. Never mind, let's not go into details. Let's just say that we should
be very, very thankful to our mothers who underwent all that pain and ugh for

January 25, Tuesday- Uhm. I re-organized my life. Okay, so I emptied out the
contents of my bag and there were a lot of papers inside! Like quizzes and
drafts and seatworks that have been returned, or that are being required. I
actually found two activities that I needed to submit and I didn't find it
anywhere and... there it was. Amazing. I organized all these papers according to
paper size and stapled them. The recent ones I stuffed into a file case, and the
others into a folder.


DREAMBOY & LET THE LOVE BEGIN: These are two films I plan on watching this
Valentines. Ate Marie and I agreed that we are each other's date while we watch
Dreamboy. Don't ask us how, for we are islands apart, but we'll make it happen.
I just saw the plug for Let the Love Begin and I think it's pretty interesting
despite that I really am not big fans of the stars.

MAKE-UP: A few weeks ago, while my uncle and I were bored, he took out his
make-up kit and made me look like Sandara Park. No kiddin'. I even have this
photo. He's really good, if he managed to make me look like Sandara. Last
Saturday, we were bored again and then he decided to take out his make-up kit
and ta-daah, he made me look like Toni G! Amazing. Okay, this is irrelevant.

BENJIE: You might be wondering. Who is Benjie? Well, Benjie is my boyfriend. He
is really cute and adorable and charming and huggable. He just listens when I
talk and he's there when I need a hug. He is the sweetest ever. He has fluffy
white hair and blue eyes. He has this pink ribbon on his neck, and a velvety red
nose. His paws and ears are pink. Yes, Benjie my boyfriend is a teddy bear!
Hahaha, you really thought it was a person? Nope. He came into the mail inside a
huge Blue Magic paper bag with Spongebob flipflops and a chocolate bar! Thank
you so much to Ate Marie, because without her, I wouldn't have met my Benjie.

And I wouldn't have my Spongebob flipflops that I really love, and something I
don't allow the dog, Ranger, to get his paws and his mouth on.

THE GOOD EARTH: This is what we are reading in English class. I can't say much
because I haven't read the whole story yet. But I can say it's really
fascinating, though dragging. It's the story of a Chinese farmer, Wang Lung and
his wife, O-Lan. Must read. Go read it, Ate J and Tams, if you haven't read it

THE GLEE CLUB: *Note, poem was made in a bitter mood. Now, I am not bitter
anymore, for I have accepted my rejection. *

So I didn't get accepted

Big, stinkin' deal

I shouldn't talk this way

For people don't care how I feel

I shouldn't say these things

It's their loss, not mine

Why worry about a silly club

When things can just be fine?

But who am I kidding anyway?

All of these are lies, I say

For music is my passion

My life, my obsession

And now I lost it all

'Cause I wasn't accepted
LOVERS IN PARIS: Wow, it's almost ending! I love the story though, it's really nice. I love Carlo and Vivian! I feel guilty because LIP is showing now and I'm not watching because I'm blogging!


MICHI ENDO- Belated Happy Birthday to my old kabarkada, Michi (January 11). She
was one of my close friends back then, but she transferred to a neighboring
school. We don't get in touch that often. So belated Happy B, even if you didn't
greet me on mine. Hwarharhar.

GREFEL DURANO- Advanced Happy Birthday to Grefel (February 9)! She is a real
nice pal, and we haven't talked much in two years even if we see each other in

MAKY SANCHEZ- Advanced Happy Birthday to my online buddy Maky (February 26)!
Though we have not met yet, I feel as if I really know you. Thanks for being a
good friend. I miss our e-mails and chats. I'll personally welcome you to Cebu when you come. ;)

~End of Post! See yah next time!~