domingo, enero 30, 2005

So So

3:11 AM, 01.30.05

Wow, a few days more and it's February. Hoorayish. It's one of my fave months because it's short, it's a month before summer vacation, and it's the month of love, though technically every month for a person in love is a month of love. I guess all those cute stuffed toys and pillows with hearts on them, the red and pink Hallmark cards and the flowers being sold at the mall finally caught on to me. I mean, gag me, since they took down Sinulog decorations, they put up Valentines one, and this was in the middle of January. Overboard. Holy macaroni.

Had a fab day yesterday. We went to Don Bosco for this concert-ish with Cebu's local bands. Fiona picked me and Alyssa at our homes then we went, around 12 hours ago. We saw plenty of Theresians there like Noelle, Rhylynn, Mui, Mary Cris, Thea, Rhea, Siao, etc. Most of them complained it WAS boring since all the bands did was shout and scream. Fabuloso. I only know one band who was performing- Cattski. They're good, but they weren't performing during our stay there. Alyssa pretty much ate and waited for her textmate Carlo, who did not show up. This resulted to me joking. Whenever she mentioned Carlo, all I said was, "Where's Vivian?" Harhar.

Finally we gave up and went to Fiona's house for R&R. Then her vati took us to Ayala, where we did have a good time. We had our pictures taken, then we trooped to Timezone. We wore ourselves out by playing racing and other stuff. We even had a portrait taken by those really cool but expensive-charging machines. Hah! It was hilarious, really.

When I went home hours later, my mutti took me out to dinner at Mooon Cafe, and they served us huge pieces of pork-chop. I haven't eaten much last week so I had a hard time consuming food. Ditto mom. It was yummy though.

See, my latest entries are really boring. They're not even thoughts, just what happened to me. And I'm really sorry because I cannot think properly. School has been torturous since we went back from vacation, because of clearances and projects and practices and all. And I hardly have sleep. Instead, I'm online. Great.

Here's a quick enumeration of currents and favorites:


You'll Be Safe Here- Rivermaya
You Are The One- Serenity
The theme song of Lovers in Paris-- the Korean one. Ni Hu Man Na?


The Good Earth- Pearl S. Buck
Mates, Dates & Mad Mistakes- Cathy Hopkins
All-American Girl- Meg Cabot


Lovers in Paris!! Hahahahaha!

And I wrote this poem out of the blue, and it probably sucks because I haven't edited it.


I bumped into you one day
And then I could hear my heart say
"Wow, this guy looks so cute
Even though he's dressed in a formal suit,"

My eyes started to follow you
My heart thumped, that much is true
I can't help but wonder who your are
Where you live and how you are

I bumped into you once again
And all the things I carried just fell down
As you stooped to help me out
My heart wondered if this is destiny or not

You apologized, and asked if I'm okay
I said, "Yes, sorry I was in your way,"
You said, "I'm sorry too, I wasn't looking anyways,"
"Apology accepted," was all I can say

You smiled and I felt my heart flip-flop
When we shook hands, I felt a shock
I would never, ever forget that day
Because it was the day I bumped into you

Corny no? Hahahaha! See you next time with a more thoughtful post!!