martes, diciembre 07, 2004

The Top Four Places I Dream on Visiting

Here are a few places I would love to visit in the near future:

1. Malapascua Island

I stepped on this land for the first and the only time when I was eleven. It was such a memorable experience for me because it was my first time in so many years to ride a small boat. We had, like, a five-hour car trip to Maya, then rode a boat for 20-30 minutes. We arrived on the island at around ten and we spent the whole day swimming. We were checked-in at this pretty shorefront resort. The waters were cool and clear, and we could even see schools of fish! There was also this floating bar in the middle of the sea. How cool is that? Sad to say, we only stayed there for a night. It wasn't enough, for me.

Here are some photos I nicked from someone:

2. Manila

I was able to go to Manila when I was seven. I love the city! There were so many fun things to do! I had fun shopping in the malls, and running around Toy Kingdom, undoubtedly bigger than SM Cebu's branch! It's just so exciting, and big, and clearly has adventure in store. I was even able to go to the ABS-CBN Compound in QC because my aunt used to work there. I met Kris Aquino, Noli de Castro and more stars. It was a great experience. My entire Manila trip was a great experience. Now, I want to go there, because I, like, have so many people I want to meet!

3. Baguio

Shoot. We already made plans to go to Baguio for Christmas (It never seems to happen!!), and this year we might not be able to push through the plan as well, as there are still several cases of meningococcemia. Darn! Darn!!!!!!!!! I love this place. I want to go horseback riding, like before. Hey, maybe I might meet my old friend, Starfire again! She's this horse I rode in Baguio, and I just named her Starfire because she's white, and she has an orange star on her head. Then I want to go strawberry-picking (Is that what you call it?). I did so before. We picked strawberries in a strawberry field, and it was so much fun! We had the freshest strawberries ever! And of course, the UKAY UKAY!!! Before, I don't usually care about the ukay, but not anymore! They say that there's so many things you could buy in there!

4. Paris, France

Yes, I want to go to Paris even before Rugrats in Paris, Lovers in Paris, that Olsen Twins movie in Paris and The Da Vinci Code came out! I want to see the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum! Paris is such a romantic city, though I only know a little bit about it.