martes, diciembre 28, 2004

Today Today

I felt like waiting up for the Blogger homepage to load, so I can type an entry. Nyaha.

First off, about my last entry, it isn't LOVE IS SO CRUEL, but it's LIFE. You might be wondering what makes me say that? Sometimes, I just feel so invisible and alone in the world, that no one loves or cares for me. Sounds dramatic eh? Or sometimes, I feel that I'm not meant to be happy. Yup, I suck. Sucker!! Hahaha.

Today, I hung out at my mader's office. Yeah, she went to the office even though she was on vacation, because she had to find missing containers and ship them off to the US or something. Mostly, I used the net there because it's DSL and it's super fast. We went to SM after and ate at Dimsum, then we browsed around the stores. We went to Ayala after (We're such mall rats) to buy some vegetables and fruits.

Gosh, I didn't realize how many people were sick over the holidays. First off was Ate Marie, who was admitted to the hospital. I really get worried on people being admitted to the hospital. If you saw my entry about Aeriel a few months back, you could see I was freaked when she was admitted to the hospital because of dengue. But Ate M assures me she's okay and she's going home today.

Ate J has German measles, no wonder she had been getting feverish. Good thing she's much better now. I remember a few years back, I had the chicken pox and it was so awful! I hated the way I look, and I hated staying in bed.

Mom is also sick. Not really sick sick, but still sick. She has the flu. I could hear her coughing at night and it sounds really awful.

I would like to sympathize with the affected people of the earthquake and the tidal wave in Asia. So sad, because so many people were affected. But there are some lucky people too, who decided to spend Christmas somewhere else instead of the affected areas. Admittedly, I do not know much on this issue because I haven't been watching TV lately but I really feel so sad for the affected people.

On the bright side, I am going to buy myself a Web Cam! Hooray! I already have enough money, I just have to wait until Uncle Voit fixes our CD Rom so I can install.

Web cam world, here I come!

Outta here!