jueves, diciembre 30, 2004

Miss Slumbooker

Define Love.

Love is an undefinable feeling.

Are you in love right now?

I will always be in love.

Have you ever been in love before?

That time, I thought it was true love, but looking back, I realize it wasn't. It was just puppy love.

Who was your first love?


How do you know if it's love?

I don't know. You just feel it's love.

Do looks matter?

People claim that they don't, when they actually do.

Who would you go for, the one you love or the one who loves you?

Tough question asked several times. I don't know.

What do you want in a guy?

He has to have a sense of humor, someone who could make me laugh. He has to be smart. He also has to be sensitive to my feelings, down-to-earth, caring, thoughtful, sweet, fun to be with, and honest. And he has to be brave enough to face the parents. Good looks and money are what I consider bonuses.

Do you have a boyfriend?

None at the moment. It's not my priority right now.

How many boyfriends did you have?

None! Well, I almost had one, but I busted him after I really got to know him. Apparently, he's what I call a jerk, and he's not my type at all. He didn't even want to be introduced to my mom, and I don't want that because I feel he's not sincere of his intentions and he's a coward. Amen.

Do you believe first love never dies?

It dies. It's just that it's unforgettable.

Is there a possibility you'll fall in love with your best friend?

Hey, my best friend is a girl, and I love her.

Who's your crush?

No one, if actors don't count.

How do you handle a broken heart?

I don't know yet. My heart hasn't been broken so far. Probably, I would cry it out for a couple of nights and realize it's time to move on. I wish it's that easy.

What's the most important lesson when it comes to loving?

When you love, love with all your heart.

Coming au demain: New Year shoutouts!!!