lunes, diciembre 27, 2004

Collective Thoughts

It has been over twenty-four hours past Christmas Day. I don't know whether I should be happy or not.

My Christmas went absolutely fine. On the 24th, my childless aunt and uncle spent the evening with us because it's just the two of them, and it's just me, my mom and my brother. Our next-door relatives also spent time with us. We went to church around 9PM and the homily lasted so long that it was already past eleven when we went home. During said homily, Arianne, Arnold and I were bored silly, so we made this bet that the person who stood the longest will be given P100. Anne and I won, hehe. When we went home, we ate dessert for our noche buena since we were full from dinner, and drank wine. The wine tasted fine because it's strawberry-flavored. Where the hell do you get strawberry-flavored wine anyways?

We exchanged gifts and... um, I guess I expected too much. Really, Christmas isn't about gift giving, but I still felt disappointed. This has to stop. Mom had bought me a new outfit a few weeks ago as her gift, and since I was the one who picked it, it suited me fine. My uncle O had bought me the said Converse shoes. Anne gave me... make-up! Make-up! I don't wear make-up and I wonder what possessed her to give it. As in, eye-shadow, eyeliner, the works! Arnold gave me a sporty tee. Anne and Arnold's maid, Ivy, gave me a set of hairbrushes. What were unbelievable though, were the gifts my ninangs sent me. Let's not go into details, but let's just say that I could have worn them in the last century or so.

Here are two countdown lists. One is what I wanted for Christmas, and one is my top ten favorite songs last December 24.


10. iPOD- A girl can dream, right? Seriously, this is at the bottom of the list because I have no chance to get one for now. Lucky Carmela gets one.

09. Palm Pilot- *Scoffs* As if mom will get me one! She won't even buy a digital camera. And as if this is useful to me, I probably can't bring this to school, so what's the use?

08. Portable DVD Player- *Patty rethinks if she should have asked Dad for this instead of a videocamera-slash-digicamera*

07. Videocamera- I can list 49 good reasons why I should have this, and one reason why I shouldn't. The first reason that comes to mind is: To record my favorite shows and watch them all over again! Wee!

06. CDs- I love music, duh. If I can, I would raid Odyssey.

05. Clothes & Shoes- My wardrobe is outdated. I need new outfits, hehehe. I'm a girl you know! ;)

04. Phone- Preferably Nokia 6600 or the one that Roxanne from SCQ Reload uses.

03. Books- I'd like to complete the Princess Diaries series, and buy Confessions of a Heiress, Citizen Girl, All-American Girl, Confessions of a Shopaholic, and... I don't know, so many other stuff.

02. Digital Camera- Daddy, where's my digicam?

01. Dog- Preferably one that doesn't lick my eye. Hahahaha! Actually, I want a dog like PaoPao (Heart's dog). It's small and it's cute.


10. Baby It's You- Jojo feat. Bow Wow
09. Karma- Alicia Keys
08. Wherever You Are- South Border
07. Lose my Breath- Destiny's Child
06. I Don't Want to be Your Friend- Nina
05. Huwag na Huwag Mong Sasabihin- Kitchie Nadal
04. Rumors- Lindsay Lohan
03. Kailan Pa Ma'y Ikaw- Christian Bautista
02. Tilt Ya Head Back- Nelly feat. Christina Aguilera
01. Bright Lights- Billy Crawford

On the 25th, we went to my grandfather's house. I consider it my permanent home, though I don't actually live there. But since I was little, it has always been there. I would usually play with the streetchildren in lolo's huge field beside the house, or watch cartoons with said streetchildren on his cable TV. At night, I would perch on top of my grandfather's legs while he watches basketball, and I would never forget how he used to feed me my favorite food on this huge bowl. When he sleeps, he's always there beside me. If he wakes up to watch TV and I wake up as well, he willingly misses his game just to tuck me in bed. If there's a brownout, he doesn't stop fanning me until I fall asleep. When I wake up, he would carry me to the sink for a gargle. He was the one who bathed me and changed me and all. See how spoiled I am?

Anyways, we went there for lunch. Then we exchanged gifts. At first, I got Ivy's gift, which was a salad bowl. Uncle Ding suggested we put our received gifts on the floor and on a signal, grab whatever we can. I grabbed this really nice ballpen holder which had an image of Jesus and Mary. Lucky mom got a cellphone holder and a brand-new wallet, as if she doesn't have enough of them! From Uncle Buds, Aunt Nora, Lynn, Nia and Moriah, I got a shirt, but it was their gift for now. Which means I'll get more, yay! :) Aunt Joyce and Uncle Ding gave me an Island Souvenir shirt and a P700 violet Murano charm bracelet. Lolo gave me a thousand bucks.

After our gifts, mom got out the Magic Sing and everyone just started to chill. Some people sang, the kids played with the dogs, cleaned up, or just ate. I got Aunt Joyce's Canon Ixus and started to take pictures of, well, everything.

Mom and I went home at five, then we went to SM to watch So Happy Together. Um, it was okay. I like Kris' role, Lianne, because she's so happy-go-lucky and, I dunno, just happy. The four kids, whom I really don't like, weren't exposed much so it was all right.

Yesterday, I just laid around the house doing absolutely nothing. See, this is what I love about vacation. You do nothing. You don't worry about assignments or projects or quizzes. Ha! In the middle of everything, I just thought of my Math score and my grade. I hope, like, I'd pull up that stupid grade. And my server is still broken, so I really can't surf the net much. Hmph.

One more thing, Mom is on vacation like me, until January 3. Which means I'll be spending an awful lot of time with her.


Today, Mom and I went to Ayala. We watched Mano Po 3. Um, it was okay, I guess. Then we went to Dessert Factory and ordered a cheesecake and a clubhouse sandwich (Reminds me a few years ago, on my birthday, I took my barkada out for swimming. When I ordered Waterfront's clubhouse sandwich, Kyla went like, "Clubmouse sandwich?" Hahahaha. I also ordered my much-yearned vanilla-cinnamon smoothie. Yay.

We went to the salon, and mom had her usual manicure and pedicure. Since I was in sneakers, I opted for nail cleaning. Wonderful.

Since the filmfest movies are still showing, I hope I could see Enteng Kabisote.

Hmm, what else? I like the C2 green tea variant. Uncle Buds gave me a free sample, since he works there. I think I gained 10 pounds (Just kiddin'!). I am perpetually annoyed at people who cannot keep promises. Oh, I am feeling a little depressed lately. Fiona, I trust you with what I shared to you, okay? Please do not go screaming (meowing? purring?) it to all the cats and the humans you know, except for the people who know. It's just that... LOVE IS SO CRUEL! Waaa! :(

I am so outta here.