domingo, diciembre 19, 2004


My exams are finally over! Actually they were over last Friday but my server kept me from blogging about it. Drat.

Let me tell you about my exams:


1. Physical Education: I can't believe I pulled this off! Hahahaha! See, I didn't study the day before, so I crammed all the stuff into my head the whole morning, before the test started. And hey, you know what? I think I have a good score on this one. Go figure!


1. Science 1 & 2: Gad, even though I focused on 2 and it only has 40 items, my mind totally blanked out! As in zilch! I was able to answer the most out of 1, which were over 80 items. Geez. I even crammed just to be able to study the parts I didn't cover. But it was all right. I wasn't worried about Science 1.

2. Music: Oh my lord. I was so focused in studying Science 1&2 and Asian History that I forgot to study music! It's about the kinds of Filipino music. I didn't answer a single thing, except for the National Anthem part. Mostly I made uneducated guesses, but who knows, I may pull it off, right?

3. Asian History: Now this is what I'm worried about! I crammed until midnight and I woke up at 4:30 AM to study more. But after 30 minutes of reading, I fell asleep! Grr, I can never forgive myself for sleeping at five in the morning if I got a low score!


1. Math: Grrrrrr!!! The test was totally easy, yet I messed up pretty much everything because of carelessness! Drat! I hate myself. I got most of the terms right, then I wasn't able to finish the radicals part because we're only given 60 minutes to answer, so I skipped some of them off. Guilty. Then test 3, graphing! For heaven's sake I forgot how to solve for "y" until the last minute! And when I did, there wasn't time to graph. Test 4 was easy, just elimination and substitution. That's what I thought. I got number one okay, but I couldn't get number 2. It doesn't gel! My checks are mismatched, so I skipped it off. Mixture problems was easy, but I totally got the answer wrong! Instead of 300 + 100 = 400, mine was 200 + 200 = 400, so it's wrong! *Wants to whack herself* Linear Programming, my expertise (lol), was easy, so I got it. I still can't get over my wrong answers. Damnit.

2. Religion: I didn't study! *Laughs gleefully* but I think I pulled it off. I read the book for a few minutes this morning, and I memorized the seven corporal works of mercy, and it came out! All-right!

3. English: Ahh, my favorite. :) Right. It was hard, and I kept mixing up the past and the present perfect stuff. I hope I was lucky. Or maybe I'm too lucky because Mdme. Z gave us a "Christmas bonus", she gave us choices for that hard test! Yehey! But finding the meaning to the haiku was hard.


1. Filipino: Hehe, it wasn't that hard, considering I only read the summary of the book! Hahaha! But the talasalitaan was hard. My answers there were mostly uneducated guesses. I used common sense in answering the other questions, like who said who, and what's being pertained, and etc.

2. THE: I did not study this at all, until 5 am of the test day itself! Hehehe! It was easy, really. You just had to memorize some terms, memorize the food pyramid and memorize the formula in solving for the IBW (Oh yeah, more Math)

After that, I was free! Done!! No more exams! Yay! Pearl and I went to the mall for some serious Christmas shopping. I had P700++ in my pocket, so I bought Sherry, my manita Noelle, my mother and my brother gifts. I had, like, P100 left in my pocket (because of food, transportation fare, etc.) My feet were literally aching. Ouch.

I did my written report in the evening. I was amazed at myself that I pulled it off in an hour! How the hell did I do that? I had not even started on it, and now, cha-daa! It's there. I interviewed Uncle O. :)

Saturday, we had our Christmas party! I went to school early, then we had the usual mass. Then we retreated to our classrooms and started to disco! It was cut off though, when my teacher arrived. We started the games! I only participated in the longest line (It's a game where you try to make the longest line out of anything you can find, like your school uniform, for example). Our team lost. Hehe. After that, we played weirdest dresser (my own term). There were four teams, who had to choose a person. They would alter her uniform into something weird, then they had to model on the platform. Noelle won. She had to parade in the third-floor corridor! Hahaha! Then the others played Twister until our food from KFC arrived! Yay!

It was also my teacher's birthday, and as a class tradition, we punk'd her. Some girls stepped on the platform and asked some people to release all their frustrations to other people, so that there would be no more HD (Hidden Dumot). Sherry, probably the most outspoken girl in the class, and Danielle, the class president, said that Mdm. Racal was OA, etc. They were blabbering for a few minutes, then Siao went up the platform, put her arms around Mdme, and silently counted to three. Everyone shouted "VICTIM!" Hehe, I swear, Mdm. was crying! Not because of what Sherry and Danielle said, but the effort we did. Nyaha.

And then we exchanged gifts. My manita was Tanya (I knew it!) and she gave me a nice set of bandanas from Bench. I love them! Thanks Tanya! I got Noelle, ironically, a gift set from Baby Bench. It contains cologne, powder, baby oil and lotion. I left the price tag to leave Noelle guilty. Hehe, joke.

As we gathered for the prizes, Pearl just grabbed my arm and led me to the doorway, to probably one of the most pleasant surprises. Guess who were standing there? It was Dannica, Noreen and Kyla! I never expected they'd come, considering that it was always me and Pearl who goes to them. Dannica just hugged me and said she was so sorry, and Kyla did the same. Wow. I felt so elated! Sorry if I may sound like a triple-class dork but I was touched at the effort.

After the giveaways were given (It was nice of Mdme. Racal, actually, even if it was just candy), we were dismissed.

No, I didn't go home immediately. I went to the grade school department and surprised my good friend Ate Rina. Poor teacher, the 6A people left her with the mess. I helped her out as we talked. It was so long since I talked to her. We exchanged stories as she cleaned and packed the gifts she received from her students.

I must have given 20 presents at the party. Pearl, Meg, Daryl, Akkie, Aeriel, Noreen, Kyla (I asked Noreen to give it to her before she went to me), Siao, Helen, Ate Rina, Charisse, Alyssa, Ate Marie and Kathleen got special, burned CDs with love songs. For Sherry, who I knew would not appreciate love songs, I got a picture frame, and you know what I got Noelle already.

Here are the gifts I received yesterday:

1. Charisse- piggie picture frame from Blue Magic! I was wondering what photo would I place there.

2. Alyssa- Blush perfume from Penshoppe

3. Pearl- Candy magazine

4. Ate Rina- a box of brownies, though it's not her real gift

5. Daryl- She got me and Pearl matching Patrick Star keychains!

6. Akkie- Lip gloss

These are the people who would give me gifts during the break/when school comes back:

1. Noreen

2. Dannica

3. Sherry

4. Ate Rina

5. Ate Marie

6. Aeriel

Here are the people I'm still wondering if they'll give me presents (*Snorts* call me selfish):

1. Kyla

2. Helen

Of course, gifts from anyone are ALWAYS welcome. ;)

I dropped by National Book Store before I got home and bought SSM and a Christmas card for my grandfather, who I love so much.

And guess what? Uncle Owen cut my hair! *Dances to "She Bangs"* Yup, I have bothersome bangs again. I don't know what possessed him to do it. I don't know what possessed me to let him do it! My maid commented I look like Rachelle Ann Go. My uncle claimed his inspiration for my bangs were Sarah Geronimo and Marla Boyd (From SCQ2). It's not that my mom commented that he (she?) just carelessly cut my hair. It's not that I look bad. Well, admittedly I look trendy and cool, but bangs are bothersome, okay? They take forever to grow out. They make hair care a chore. I guess I'll have to deal with it while it's there, right? But it's a nice change. I was getting bored with my hair anyways and I wanted a new look. BUT still, it's bangs!!!

I wanted to spend Christmas in Baguio, but Mom claims there's still meningococcemia there, and we're having lunch on the 25th in my grandfather's house in Bulacao (It's not Bulacan). If Faye's family made it, then it will be the first time in history (LOL) that the entire family would be spending Christmas together.

By the way, I asked my mother (Rather jokingly) about daddy giving me a gift. She called his secretary, and his secretary said I should write a letter. Y'know, things like "How are you?" and "Hope you're doing okay." etc.

My letter probably was like this (I forgot how it went like):

Dear Daddy,

I want to greet you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hopefully you would be prosperous. So how are you? I hope you're doing well, and that you were able to make the most out of this year. By the way,thank you for paying my school tuition fee every grading period. I also hope you would grant me and Nico's Christmas wishes. I "just" like a digital camera, preferably also a video camera, because it would be useful and because I'm such a gadget freak.


Childish, I know. Lame, I know. But what am I supposed to say to this guy whom I haven't seen for so long? Sana we were close, but we're not.

My brother's letter probably went like this (I also forgot how it went like):

Dear Daddy,

I am Nico, your son. How are you? I miss you. Please buy me Zoids and Masked Rider. I love you.


Hehe, isn't it cute? My mom totally laughed at the "I am Nico, your son." Duh! :)

Gee, this is getting long. I guess I had a lot to say.

See you until next post! May you have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!




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