miƩrcoles, diciembre 08, 2004

All I Want for Christmas

"Christmas is just around the corner," as most people say. And so, I've compiled a list of things that I want to happen. Yes, I am not kidding! These may seem our-of-the-world or so, but anyways...

1. ...that the Philippines will be a united country, regardless if we are an archipelago
2. ...that the economy of the Philippines will be better
3. ...that the Philippines will attract more tourists and businessmen so that we'll be raking in money (haha)
4. ...that Cebu will drug-free
5. ...that the corrupt officials will realize the wrong that they are doing
6. ...that those who are seeking justice, dead or alive, will finally get it
7. ...that the victims of natural calamities will ALL be helped by the government. I mean, they do get helped, but I really mean ALL
8. ...that the government will build houses for the homeless people
9. ...that people would be generous to donate bundles of joy, like food and clothes, to the poor people and to victims of natural calamities
10. ...that the streetchildren will have a good education
11. ...that the dying and the sickly people in the streets be helped
12. ...that jobless people will have a job
13. ...that GMA will know what she has to do to fulfill these, and her 10-point agenda! Ahahaha!
14. ...that there will be a cure for incurable illnesses, like cancer. We probably do not realize how many people we lose due to cancer.
15. ...that people will stop illegal logging
16. ...that robbers, kidnappers, murderers and drug addicts will finally bump their head and realize what they've been doing. In short, WAKE UP AND STOP WHAT THEY'RE DOING.
17. ...that married couples will fulfill their vows, especially the "TILL DEATH DO US PART" part. Or else, they should say, "Till Annulment Do Us Part." They can work things out if they tried, and if they fight like cats and dogs, they should grow up
18. ...that rich people will put their money to good use
19. ...that government officials will not fight against each other, but unite to make this country a better place.

(More coming up)