domingo, noviembre 14, 2004


i don't know if this'll be my last entry in a long time. i have this feeling that i might be grounded. yaikz! stupid stupid math grade. i am determined to bring that grade up so i won't fail overall. after all, who'd want to be stuck with a bunch of under-achievers (as i call them) in summer school, or maybe be stuck in the same year level. not me!

so, if i think this is gonna be my last entry, better make it long, right? i can't live without my computer but who knows, mom might just take it away from my room *gulp*. after all, she'd caught me in front of the screen more than once and even caught me awake at three am. now, that won't be possible if i hadn't moved into a new room, which is right next to hers. just a wall separating us, and a wall with a hole in there! hello, if my light is on, it'll show. if i was back in my old room, i'd be far from my mom. i would have a larger space. and she would not see me awake. i can make so much noise if i want to. but i've moved and it sucks. i feel she's watching me every time. and no privacy, heck! just a push and the door will open even though you've locked it.

admittedly, school has become harder this year. what did i expect? i just didn't expect my grade will... be like this. well, the teacher does suck and i do not understand what she is saying. too bad for me.

i also admit i have been spending too much time on the internet, going gaga over my obsessions *wink wink*, reading people's blogs/xanga, checking friendster and chatting. i'm unstoppable! yay! so, if i don't get banned from my best friend, i'd go home early, do my thing on the web (maximum is two hours), eat, watch TV (about an hour, maybe) then study for four hours. in my opinion, that's not bad at all. on weekends, that's when i can stay up late. wow. we'll see...

another reason i feel guilty about staying up is growth. hahaha. gosh, how would i grow if i don't have enough sleep? yaikz. i know petite people have their own advantages but being too tiny sucks. uhm... i have this joke, but never mind!

gosh, i really pray that i won't get grounded but if i do, i deserve it. i need internet rehabilitation! hahaha! but i'm going to miss my best friends, my online buddies who i chat with until dawn, my web of friends (aka the websites i visit), etc.

so... see you next time! we can always send text messages, right?