miércoles, noviembre 24, 2004


1. I don't eat fish because when I was little, a bone stuck into my mouth and it was a horrible experience for me then, but still I haven't gotten over it
2. I love vegetables, and I mean it
3. I hate the word "Resurrection." When I was in first grade, I did not get into our spelling competition at school because I spelled that word wrong. Did I spell it right this time?
4. I used to suck some of my fingers until I was seven
5. I may have been scolded, but I never experienced being yelled at and being spanked by my mom. She is the grooviest!
6. I am a bookworm. I have lots of books stashed.
7. I used to be so afraid of dogs. One dog chased me and good thing I was able to lock the gate. Now, I'm not so afraid of them anymore.
8. I like cats. They’re cute!
9. My first phone was this big Nokia unit.
10. I have already changed my SIM five to six times in the past 2-4 years, and my mom still has the same number.
11. Since I was little, I was already fond of computers
12. Since I was little too, I used to watch ASAP and dreamed to someday be the one singing in front of the TV
13. I love drawing, and I used to be good at it. Now? I'm not so sure.
14. When I was in prep, I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up.
15. When I was in sixth grade, I wrote for the school paper and the magazine.
16. I appeared on TV twice.
17. I love Chinese food!
18. I used to have three extra piercings.
19. I like to dress unusually
20. When I start cleaning, I don't just clean up something, but I end up cleaning everything!
21. My hair used to be really, really curly!
22. I love Avril Lavigne!
23. I love music!
24. I was always one of the first in line when the whole class is arranged by height. Darn!
25. For the boys out there, I hate boys who don't want to introduce themselves (Or are probably too coward to do so) to my Mom. That's why I busted some. Hehe.
26. My mom and I are really close and we're like sisters. We even tell people so!
27. I am my grandfather's favorite grandchild, probably because I am the first.
28. I used to have goldfish, and two birds which I named after me and my brother!
29. My mom and I always end up dressing in the same colors when we go out.
30. When I get obsessed with something, I really get obsessed!
31. My first plane trip was when I was seven. We went to Manila before Christmas!
32. Because of that, I missed a week in school and I did not get to be on the honor list.