jueves, noviembre 11, 2004

Pathetic Me

If you know me personally and you would just see how I look now, you would probably scream and you would not recognize me at all. Yes, currently in fashion are swollen red eyes, pink nose, a sticky face, messy hair and a body that feels like it weighs 900 pounds.

I want to scream out loud.
I want to kick someone's ass.
I want to break glass.
I want to dive.
I want to box someone.
I want to slap someone in the face.
I want to smash my chair.
I want to tear this particular green notebook.
I want to tear someone's hair away from her scalp.
I want to take a sleeping pill that will make me cold out until Wednesday.
I want to hide under the covers all day.
I want to kill someone.
I want to talk back to someone.
I want to be happy but I just can't.


I want to cry again.

Stupid Math Grade.