domingo, noviembre 28, 2004

Of Web Browsers and Pirated Friendster Surveys

I'm just browsing the net while I'm downloading the Firefox. Gee, I don't know but I suddenly got interested in it. And according to's reviews... well, it's a breath of fresh air compared to Internet Explorer. We'll see. I just hope it doesn't take too long to set up. I downloaded IE 6 and Netscape 7 but haven't installed them yet.

Okay, to while away the time, I'll answer this love survey from Tessa in Friendster

1. are u serious wen it comes to relationships?

= .: Yes, of course. Except if I don't like the guy!

2. are you afraid of commitments?

= .: Sometimes, because some might not work out the way you want it to.

3. are u a risk taker?

= .: Yeah...

4. wat can u say abt. long distance relationships?

= .: Haven't tried! But most of the time these thngs don't work anyways!

5. can u luv a person hu doesnt love u?

= .: Yes

6. do actions speak louder than words?

= .: Yeah, guess so.

7. hav u felt/found true love?

= .: I guess?

8. how can u say that a person luvs you?

= .: He'll do anything to make me loved?

9. are you good in handling relationships?

= .: How would I know?

10. willing to give everything?

= .: Almost everything, maybe.

11. best thing uve learned from loving?

= .: Loving hurts (Maybe loving is hard?), especially if you're loving someone who doesn't know you love him... Right?

12. do u demand ur luv1 to change into someone
that pleases u?

= .: So that means I don't love him because I can't accept who he really is? Hmm, I don't demand naman eh!

13. wud u let go of some1 u love?

= .: Yeah, if the feeling is gone (Teka, song yun ah! Haha!), pero it'll be hard

14. are u a one woman man & vice versa type
of person?

= .: Yes... Loyal!

15. is sex important in a relationship?

= .: Not really

16. how do u express ur luv to sm1?

= .: By simply being there for him when he needs you

17. wat is the major reason of a break up?

= .: Unfaithfulness.

18. most important ingredient in a relationship?

= .: Love and trust

19. ever regret loving someone?

= .: No!

20. one thing u hate abt love?

= .: Love can make you happy, but it can also leave you heartbroken

21. one thing u like about love?

= .: The happiness it brings?

22. worst thing u did to a love one?

= .: Nothing--yet

23. are you in love?

= .: I'm confused.

24. with whom?

= .: It's not for me to tell

25. do u have a bf/gf?

= .: Wish ko!

26. why?

= .: Obviously I don't have.

27. are you a hopeless romantic?

= .: Yeah, super!

28. do you get tired of loving ?

= .: No!

29. who has changed your view about loving?

= .: So many people

30. message to your loved one?

= .: I'll be waiting. :)