viernes, noviembre 19, 2004

Bcuz of U

hi y'all...

i watched bcuz of u with chai-chai, faye and dixie today. it's really nice, a feel good film. and it was so cute! no offense, h and s don't know how to kiss pero still kilig! yay! i'll blog more later, too exhausted!

and i just want to greet the class vice president, daryl pasco, a happy birthday! poor daryl got "victimed" in PE earlier. see, we had this test and after the test, daryl and tanya apparently cheated so delos reyes got mad at them (best actress madam!)... daryl started to cry (trust me, i did not believe it even though i don't know anything about the plan... hello, why would a top 1 student cheat?). then mdm. dlr said, "i'm sorry... i'm sorry to say i was just forced to do this!" hahaha! victim! that's okay dar, you can still have revenge. hahaha.

g'nyt peepz!