domingo, octubre 03, 2004

Reposting Reposting!

Nothing, nothing. I'm just so proud of this poem, so I'm reposting it. It's being covered by other entries eh!

I lie awake in the dark and cold night
It's already an hour past my bedtime
Yet I'm still awake and wondering if you're all right
Wishing you'd call me right now and ask if I'm fine

I can't go to bed even if I want to
Just can't sleep even if I know I should do so
I twist and turn in my little bed
And I realize that I miss you oh so bad

I stare at the ceiling for so long
In my mind plays a sad, old love song
My hand yearns for your warm, comforting touch
How my mind and my heart miss you so much

I glance at my clock and saw it's half past eleven
And the moonlight shines over my pillow and my face
I can't help but gaze at the stars in heaven
And I really wish we could spend a moment together in one place

I know I should go to bed and count some sheep
Head to dreamland when I finally fall asleep
But still I do terribly miss you
And I secretly hope you miss me too!