lunes, octubre 25, 2004

Of Weddings, Bridesmaids and French-Tips

Okay, now I'm actually diligent to blog about the wedding.

First, I think I look pretty there. LOL. I might let some of you see the photo later on.

The wedding was held in this charming church in the Municipality of Consolacion. Although I said "charming", it did not look so on the outside. The outside.. was under construction. And it's so hot-slash-cold inside.

What sucks is the reception. I mean, heller? It was held at the groom's house and though the land was big, it did not cover everyone there. I think there were about 200 guests. And the land was so lubak-lubak. So full of stones. Masisira talaga poise mo! Everyone was worried about their heels. And did I just say I had high heels?

In fact, Uncle Buds and his family left immediately. The caterer arrived late and although they had home-made food, they started the program (IE: Cutting of cake, dancing, tossing of bouquet). The guests were so hungry, I tell you. Mom and I almost left, if not the eating started.

Mostly, the eating part is my favorite (Aside from walking down the aisle-lol). But not this one. There were so many guests and--aargh! So, even though this is buffet style, I was the one who got a full plate of rice, my cousin Faye the lechon and Mom our ulam. Then, the chairs. We had a hard time finding seats. Jeez. They could have held the reception somewhere else no!

Still, in my own world, I was the center. And I looked nice (Sabi ng nanay ko-hehe). My hair was nice. My dress was nice. My shoes were nice. My bouquet was nice. My french tips were nice. I should get french tips often, if not for stupid school rules.

I am being silly again. Okay. :P (Laughs hysterically)