viernes, octubre 08, 2004


Yay! No more exams! I'm freeeeee!! Alololo! (That's... uhm, Dugong)

I fixed Ate Marie's blog this afternoon. Whew! It was the hardest I've done but I feel so accomplished. I love to edit blog templates, so relaxing (Kalas lang ug internet card-lol)! Visit it for yourself.

I downloaded Sandara's entire album thru mIRC. Hehehe, I just find her cute even most of you guys loathe her. And her voice is not really a pain in the ear unlike the other one there, that goes: "I love you babe..." *Wicked smile on face* It's only five songs, In or Out, Mapasagot Mo Kaya, Dear Heart, Smile in Your Heart and Sabi Ko Nga Ba (My current LSS)

Once more with feeling:

NO MORE EXAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!