jueves, octubre 21, 2004

My Boo

Oh boy.

It's exactly 9:38PM as of typing time, and here I am sitting in front of my computer when I should be doing my missing requirements.

So, how'd you like the butterflies so far? I'm no Mariah Carey but I really think they're cute! Since this skin would not tolerate a Tagboard, I had to get an account in Shoutbox. No biggie.

I was not able to blog these past few days because my brother broke our computer. Har har, as if he's actually capable of breaking down something! No, he just broke it in the typical seven-year-old way. Hence, I was not able to go online and it felt like forever. I had loads to catch up on- electronic mails, blogs, message boards, Friendster... Ohmigad.

Okeidoki, let's flash back.


.:: I got my Spongebob, which is actually a cross between a stuffed toy and a pillow, but it's cute so I can't complain. Said character is on the middle of the pillow, which is made of this powder blue fabric that feels like velvet. I got it for a cool P400.

.:: Mom's birthday! I got her this boxy white bag for a cool P260 and when I gave it to her, her eyes totally lit up and she was like, "Oh wow! This is nice!" though she did not use it for the day. Her outfit was brown. Brown everything! We had dinner at the Lumpia House. I learned how to properly use chopsticks.

.:: I read The Da Vinci Code again


.:: Nothing much... We grilled some steak and Lola Mat made siomai (My ultimate favorite)!


.:: Kyla's birthday... We're not on speaking terms at this moment but there's no harm in remembering. Really.


... brownout! Helleour!

What elz? Oh yeah, few days ago, Mdm. R called us. *Rolls eyes* Oh c'mon! She and Mom sorted things out. She kept insisting she did not accuse me of bringing my phone because truly, all she said was, "Patty, did you bring your cellphone?" On MY part, it was mildly accusing. Can't she see that? And she texted me naman, "Patty, nag-da ka ug cellphone no?" (Patty, you brought your cellphone no?) so that WAS accusing, duh. Argh, don't wanna think about it anymore!

I'll blog about the wedding next time.

*Sigh* Time to finally hit the books. Good night.