miƩrcoles, octubre 13, 2004

Mom Support

This is just one of those nights when I realize how much my Mom really loves me.

I told her thru YM today about that nasty accusation my Homeroom and Science teacher did to me. I told her my side and she believed me (Of course no!). I'm sure most of you know the story by now. She made this ultra long letter addressed to her and to the principal about my side. Heller, I practically drained my energy today chattering about that incident. I was yellin' and cryin' talaga drama ko. If you were in my place naman, you would feel the same. I just hope all things end well but still I can't help but be soo mad! It's so unfair. It's just so unfair.

I would like to thank my Mom (Even if she may not get to read this) because she has been sooo supportive in this... war? At least I think it is a war. It's really so unfair that you're being accused for something that isn't even proven. I love you Mom and advanced Happy Birthday.

As for her... We'll see.