viernes, octubre 22, 2004

Amusing Musings

.:: Hurray! Sem break is here! *Dances wildly around the room*

.:: I just finished eating lunch. Heck, I ate four cocktail hotdogs and five special tempuras. And now I'm sooo full. Mom bought these special tempuras somewhere. What's special about them, don't ask me.

.:: In half an hour or so, I would be picked up by a Suzuki van and I'll be off to church for the wedding rehearsal.

.:: I am sleepy. Heller, I slept at one in the morning last night. Gawd I really did miss my computer. But when I woke up this morning, I did not feel sleepy what-so-ever. Must be because I know this is the last morning for a week that I'd be up early. Yay!

.:: My computer was out of commission this week right? So I kinda slept early and had ten hours or so, but why is it that even after ten hours I feel sooo sleepy pa rin when I wake up? Weird.

.:: I laugh at the silliest things. Last night, rather, early this morning I was checking out Ate J's blog. I saw her links. First, there was Mar Roxas' website linked up like, "Mister Puhlengke" (Oo, tange may website yan!). What's funny (For me, anyways) was the one linked up next. It said, "Karibal ni Mister Puhlengke." I thought it would be Jamby Tombie (Hi, Maky!) since it was "Rival" right? It turned out to be Korina Sanchez's official website (Oo, tange, may website na rin yan!). And so I laughed. I laughed and laughed and laughed. Okay.

.:: I'm now starting to regret why I didn't take mom's advice and drink that medicine she prescribed before. I really am short--or as Sherry would put it, "Stupidus Gullibulus Midgetus" (Specifically, the scientific name for "Stupid Gullible Midgets"). And although Mommy Meg would keep on saying, "Patty, anak, guys think petite girls are cute!" I still want to be tall. I waaanaaaaa! It made me remember about this joke I shared to Anne last Monday. I was wearing heels and she was not. So I'm like, "Anne, kasing-tangkad na kita!" Since Anne is tall, and her best friend April is short, I'm like, "Anne, paano yan pag aalis kayo ni April?Sabihin natin gusto niyo pa-picture, magbe-bend ka pa ng ulo mo and say, ''Pril, pa-picture ta na! and April would be like, "Ano ulit yun? Di kita marinig eh! with matching look up. And they would continue to talk like that.

.:: A funny, blog-worthy line I got from my classmates Charmagne and Ruselle:

CHARMAGNE: (After electricity cut off earlier) I think this school has a generator.

RUSELLE: What, Cha?!

CHARMAGNE: Generator!!

RUSELLE: What? General rehearsal?

Class erupts in laughter. Ruselle's ears turn red. Hahaha!

.:: Anyways, I am being silly so I'm going. Don't forget...

M-U-D: Midgets Unite for Domination. Hooray!