lunes, septiembre 06, 2004

Some Turning Points In My Life

.:: Our Buwan ng Wika Culminating Activity was last week. But I feel that it has been eons ago. Actually, it was last Tuesday. Okay, let me just tell you about how the two weeks went by starting last week:


That was when I learned our group made it to the auditorium so we had rehearsals along with Daryl's group. To tell you the truth I was embarrassed by the song 'cause it's so slow it's probably for a funeral instead of a ligawan harana . I mean, slow love songs have always been my favorite but if you heard this one you'd probably fall asleep (Which thankfully the audience didn't do so--since it lasted for two minutes only and was followed by a cool dance by Daryl's group). Anyways, we practiced the whole darned damned day and I was beat when we got home--wait, I didn't go home yet. Went to Ayala to find my costume but didn't find one unfortunately that's why I had to improvise. Then it was Arianne's birthday so we went to my all-time favorite café, Mooon. We went home quite early for a party, and I had a (micro) mini skirt and a new pair of high heels to boot. Cool.


The morning we've all been waiting (?) for! Practiced first then the presentation went flawless--or so I think. Good thing our number was soooo short, but I kept on muttering to Vivien (My [un]fortunate partner) things like, "This is stupid, really!" She didn't mind, just smiled and nodded. Pinoylimpics in the afternoon. Quite boring to me who was just watching. Uhm, okay, I admit it, my ka-berks and I were chilling out at the upper court, occasionally glancing downwards. Hehe. We took some pretty wacky pictures that I might be scanning. Then chow time! Trust me, that was what I waited for the whole darned damned day. Yum yum! Oh, before I forget, did I mention that the guard almost didn't let me out since I was in my new skirt (Which, I had to admit, was very very very short) wrapped with my sarong and a long sleeved blouse. So... Pearl and I went away, and we tried to go out for the second time. Yes, we did it! Apparently the guard thought we changed already. Stupid guard.



First day of September! It did not go well, as most first days of the month do. I forgot the reason why. I really, like, wanted to be absent for class but just realized I had no excuse to do so. Darned.


Gosh, I saw "it" while I passed by the bookstore! Like, I was motionless when I saw it. "It" is secret. Sorry.


Before I forget again, we had Friday schedule last Wednesday. Meaning, double Science, double PE, double CLF and some other non-noteworthy subjects. Harsh no? Sorry, sorry! :)


Went to Ayala, duh!! It was kinda funny how I asked for money.

MOM gave me P50

ME: Mom, that's not enough!

MOM: Why, what are you doing at Ayala?

ME: Roaming around!

MOM fishes out P50 more

ME: Moooooooooommm!!

MOM: Why?

ME: That's still not enough!

MOM gets P100, total of P200 already

ME: Mom, can you add one more hundred please?

MOM: Why, what are you really gonna do in Ayala?

ME: Uhm... snacks!! (Good thinking--I said to myself)

MOM: Oh no...

ME: P50

She reluctantly gives me P50 and lectures me on the safety of my phone.

Good thing one of my uncles gave me P50, hahahaha!


Stayed at home... Did my usual Sunday ritual as previously blogged before.


I'm typing this up! Hehe, joke. Aeriel got confined in the hospital because of DENGUE! Arrgh, I miss Yell! I'm visiting her tomorrow in CDC. I'm so sad.