jueves, septiembre 23, 2004

READY? OKAY!: Intramurals 2004 Day 1


After two weeks of sheer pressure and hard work, with all that jumping and grinding and shouting and dancing, not to mention practices and training sessions for the players, INTRAMURALS 2004 IS HERE!!!

My day started the usual, except that I put on my new jeans, my new Intramurals shirt, my new sneakers, my fluffy props instead of my school uniform. Nico (That's my brother) made fun of my hair. He has absolutely NO SENSE OF FASHION! Lola Mat had braided all of my hair. Cute.

Pearl & I met at our classroom and we hung out until the opening ceremonies started. Of course, there was the usual torch-lighting and flag raising and oath-taking for the players, then the National Anthem, welcome prayer and so on... The grade schoolers started off first with the cheering exhibition, then the college department and then saving the best for last: The High-Schoolers! It was so hot, as in! We were in the quadrangle, under the heat of the scorching sun and over the muddy grouds (It rained the night before). No way, I did NOT kneel down or squat during the exhibition. But it was ok, I wasn't alone anyways.

After that, we went back to our classroom and decided we were too hungry so we went down and bought foot-long hotdogs with mustard, mayonaise and ketchup. Yum yum! Then we watched the games. These were the ones we watched:

VOLLEYBALL: Faculty vs. Staff

~ Ok, I didn't expect that!! Hahahahaha!!

VOLLEYBALL: St. Theresa's College Juniors vs. Colegio dela Immaculada Concepcion Varsity Team


~ Yay! Our school won our school won!

SOCCER BASEBALL: Sophomores vs. Seniors
WINNER: Seniors

~ Of course!!

VOLLEYBALL: Sophomores vs. Seniors
WINNER: Seniors

~ The Sophies did have a chance to win, after all, they practically perfected the 2nd inning, but the Seniors conquered the 1st and 3rd innings. Oh well.

And I heard too, that STC won against CIC in Badminton! Great!

Between these games, Pearl and I ate tacos, drank Thirsty and Zagu, water, etc. I was waay beyond my limit of P100. I think I spent P125 today. Hohummm...

After the Sophies vs. Seniors game, we hung out in front of the statue, then Ritz came to join us. After a while, Daryl, Sherry, Marilou, Joanne, Ninzie and other people came to squat as well. Then we started playing Dodge the Ball until I decided to go home. MY FEET IS KILLING ME!
So now, here I am typing this up, putting my feet up and attacking (hehe) a can of blue Powerade. Whew. What a day!