viernes, septiembre 17, 2004

Longer Entry

Okay. Here is the promised longer entry.

Gee, I am sooo tired! For the two weeks or so, we've been staying at school 'til six because we've been practicing our Intramurals Dance. It was only this week when classes were interrupted. Awesome.

Anyways, like I said I'm pooped. Today, we, like, mastered sooo many actions and formations that it's having a hard time to register in my brain. And yesterday, I was jumping all over. My feet are aching. Before going online I got some of Mom's shea butter and massaged my feet. Yeah, it hurt so much that I could barely walk without having to say "Ow!" once.

Tomorrow, I'm going to Ayala with Sweetie Pearl. We're going to buy matching shirts and other paraphernalia for the upcoming event. Gee, I'm excited na!

I had no internet access last Saturday and Sunday. Uhm, I guess my computer was full of viruses and I only got my Uncle to fix it 'cause I was soooo desperate na! Every five minutes it would shut off or maybe a blue thing would appear on screen saying the system is busy or something. He had to pull the CPU out and promised to return it by Sunday but he wasn't able to. So now... My CPU's back and I had my 98 upgraded into a Windows XP version. Cool!! It's just that connecting to the internet takes time. Har har har. Poor me. But let me tell you: It's a relief to be free of VIRUSES!!

Tonight btw, was Wazzup2's Season 3 Kick-Off! I watched (Obviously). Drew was soooo cute there, wearing a black suit! Hahaha. The event was OK, but there were errors, like for example, when it was KC's turn, JC's video was shown... And Kikiam never fails to amuse me. Hahahaha. "Don't you think that's...awesome?!" (While interviewing this congressman holding a red-colored veggie)

Uhm, what else? Oh yeah, this week I ate McDo 4 times! Mom would fetch me ('Cause it's dark na when we're dismissed) and we'd go to McDo in Jones. And I'm craving for that Vanilla-Cinnamon smoothie I had at Dessert Factory. Maybe I'll grab a cup tomorrow, no matter what Pearl thinks. Hahaha.

And do tell me, what is it with frappes nowadays? I don't really know what it is. Is is a coffee or what? Just got curious. I've read that word soo many times this week. Whatever.

Moko moko! Piko piko! Pung karaka pia pia, pung karaka pia pia! Moko moko! Piko piko! Pung karaka pia pia, pung karaka pia pia! Shwaah!