sábado, septiembre 25, 2004

LET'S GO!: Intramurals Day III

I wasn't able to blog about what happened yesterday and now my mind's all fuzzy that I don't remember some of the stuff that happened. Oh well.

Today, I woke up at 7! OMG 7AM! I was one hour late! But that was OK,at least I did get some good night sleep. I brought Nico to school, and it was a lotta fun. When my schoolmates meet him, it was like a routine that went like this:

SCHOOLMATE: Ayy ka-cute!! Whose brother is this?

ME: Mine

SCHOOLMATE: (Pinches Nico's cheeks) You're so cute! What's your name

NICO: (If he doesn't say his name, he merely dives for the girl's stomach and hug her, while pulling the poor girl's bag or goes to hide behind me)

ME: (If above is the situation) What's your name?

NICO: (Does his thing again)

ME: (Looks at girl) Nico... Alfonso Nicolas

SCHOOLGIRL: Hi Nico! (Then sometimes it follows with a "Kiss me!" Ick.)

SCHOOLGIRL: (Turns to me) How old is he?

ME: How old are you, Nick?

NICO: (Does not answer, just looks at the girl-slash-hides behind me-slash-looks at whatever's keeping him occupied)

After one last pinch at the cheeks, schoolgirl, by herself or with a group of friends go away.
He kinda had fun with Gabrielle. They were chasing each other, and he climbed on top of her, licked her, bit her. Oh my. Sorry Gabe! But I could tell both of you had a lot of fun. You just sooo click.

During the entire morning, we must've drank 7 glasses of iced tea and a pack of large fries. Whew! He had ME bankrupt, that's for sure.

He hung out with some other friends while Pearl & I watched the volleyball game. Hey, don't call me mean--He didn't want to go! Then we proceeded to the soccer game and that's when he started to get broken and asked if he could go home. Of course you can!

Pearl, Ritz and I had our lunch of siomai (I was STARVING). We drank Pearl Coolers afterwards (That made me full for a few hours). Then we watched the softball game. After that, we just hung out at the oval, played a little and waited for the awarding ceremonies to start at 4.
It came to me as a surprise, but we WON as the champions in Soccer!! Oh my! We were screaming like hell. And more unexpectedly, WE WON AS BEST CHEERERS!!! Yes!! I mean, during practices the other years would drown us in their very loud scream, and us? Nah. We barely spoke. BUT WE WON AS THE BEST CHEERERS!!!!!!!! Rock on! I'm losing my voice due to screaming! Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!! :)

Results of some games we watched...

VOLLEYBALL: Freshies vs. Sophies
WINNER: Sophies

SOCCER: Freshies vs. Sophies
WINNER: Sophies

SOFTBALL: Freshies vs. Sophies
WINNER: Sophies

Guess that's about it... Oh yeah, by Monday I would be having a dress fitting at the Bridal Gallery for my bridesmaid dress. Awesome.