martes, septiembre 21, 2004


Hi guys...

Okay, so it's 10.37pm and I'm typing this on the spot... Online! Gosh, I'm wasting so much internet credits. Hahaha.

My foot is screaming hell. I mean, we already had almost a week and a half of nonstop standing up and cheering. Good thing my throat's ok but my feet? Nah. I'm limping! Waaaah!! Tomorrow... maybe we're just gonna sew our props, but that's like so stupid. Why sew props a day before the event? Why not a week before aight? Geez. And about my feet again? I used my late grandmother's reflex machine earlier, it feels like heaven.

Our section hasn't received our shirts yet, there's one girl who hasn't paid and the damn administration doesn't want us receiving our shirts if not all has paid. But really, I saw the shirt and it was so cute! I can probably wear it to the mall and be proud of it. Cute!!

Pearl & I weren't able to to go Ayala (Which means I didn't get my vanilla-cinnamon smoothie, tsk tsk) but we agreed on a t-shirt color: black. I got new sneakers!!! Mom is just so cool. I'm not really so brand conscious (Even if I would die for a pair of Sketchers or Converse), so I just bought this cheap but cute gray-white sneakers. I got new jeans the week before so I got a whole new outfit. Yay!

Ok, I'm tired, I'm terribly lonely and I just want "something" to happen. I feel so alone. Hay... Life! So I'm saying good night to you, disconnect from my server, turn the computer off, turn off the lights, lie down and just think until I drift asleep. Poor me.