viernes, agosto 06, 2004

Tiring Day

My Friday was a lot of fun though it was basically tiring.

Since there were no classes, Daryl decided to hold a meet for all of us. We were gonna finish off our SS project even though we already met twice, both at Sherry's house--este--mansion. This time it was different, since we were at MY house--yes, a house. Rather, apartment.

Let me tell you something. Sherry's mansion is huge, man! It has four floors and one semi-floor. According to the maids around, they have five TV sets and five bathrooms. They also have a python (Sp?), two myna birds and three dogs, one of which is a Dalmatian.

Anyways, I picked the gals (Namely Daryl, Pearl, Xan-xan, Danielle and Paulyn) up at Mango Square around ten, then we headed to Ayala (My favorite mall). We had our pics taken the afternoon before developed and we had our pics taken as well. Basically, we just bummed around in Picture City until my mom picked us up.

We found another bummer waiting in my house-Vera Joy. She said she was waiting for us an hour already. Yikes, sorry Veej! We ate lunch--pochero! Everyone loved the food and we went to work ASAP.

I don't need to elaborate on the working part, do I? But my mom drove to Ayala (To get some photos and do grocery shopping) and bought us some KFC Fun Shots (Plain and the sour créme one), these native Filipino food thingys in assorted colors (I'm not good at these stuff) and leche flan. The gang and I dug in to the food while my mom made iced tea. The iced tea's kinda cool; it was placed in the blender. A refreshing break from the iced teas they usually serve at the caf.

We finally finished at five! Our project looked totally AWESOME! I'm proud to say that! And if we don't get a high grade at this (Oh come on, you expect the first project to be PERFECT?!) then I.. don't know. I can do a lot of things you know.

My mom and I dropped the members back at Mango Square again. Before going home, my mom and I went to Labangon to buy my all-time favorite: SIOMAI!

Okay, 'tis getting pretty long for my first blog entry. See you next time!

Starstudio JULY 2004 Issue
1- Itsumo by Dice and K9 (The song rocks but the video sucks!)
2- Hands to Heaven by Ian Bautista (Romantic balladeer indeed!)
3- My Happy Ending (Like, Avril's my fave singer of all time!)