domingo, agosto 08, 2004

Sunday Afternoon Musings

Before I start off my rattlings for today, I just wanna thank Ate J for referring Mamafia's designs to me. Ate J, you are the grooviest!

Anyways, I woke up late, around eleven. Probably it's because no one woke me up. Hey, Mom's at work today and I set my phone to silent mode to prevent hearing my Human Nature message alert tone!

Had two messages from Ate J and from another good friend Tammy (Uhm, no Vietnamese, thank goodness! Hehehe!) . Then I went down and caught Myx just about to reveal songs 3 to 1. Huwaaat, Avril Lavigne down a notch from the number one spot? Huhuhu. Itsumo's video sucks big time--I so totally cringe every time I see it. But the song still rocks, even though I'm sort of sawa already. I read today's paper too. Yup, I enjoy reading newspapers. Don't ask why.

I ate lunch and braved the first hour of ASAP Mania while having lunch. I'm not exactly the biggest fan of variety shows, be it ASAP or that show in the other station. ASAP Fanatic, I can take though. Just to see my Geoff. :P Joke!! I prefer talk shows, news and current affair programs, reality-based shows, MTV and MYX, and soap operas. Hey, they're not bad, you know. It's just that sometimes they're too dragging. Take note: Sometimes!

I played SNAKE II and flipped around the channels and decided to give up. I would have more fun typing this up than watching famous people sing you know. Which reminds me, I sort of remember Bernadette Sembrano every time I see Rachelle Ann Go (Hehehe). I dunno, there's some sort of resemblance. I like Ate B; I see her every morning on MUB. She has this sunshiny disposition I like. :)

I'm still thinking of what to give my math teacher (Who will be going away this week and who might just be reading this--hehehe, I wish). Scrapbook, maybe? I asked Tams about it and she said to give a frame of some sort. Tama ba, Tams? But I talked to Charisse on the phone and she was gonna give Mdm. Rabina one too. Nyorks.

Time to end for now. I still have to catch Fanatic. Then I watch Seasons of Love (I just love this show, it's hilarious and kilig at the same time), The Buzz (It's everyone's Sunday habit in the family), then I tune in to Rated K (It's informative and not boring. I used to watch Balitang K before too--hehe), then Amazing Race 5 (The replayed telecast, mind you) over at S23 while having dinner. I go online for a few minutes (Hahaha, minutes daw o! In denial!) and go to bed before 10 (Or is it 12? :P) That's usually how my Sunday goes.

Outta here!! I love y'all, mwah!