domingo, agosto 22, 2004

Food for Thought

Whee, so much has happened since my last update!

I didn't do any schoolwork over the weekend except for our Filipino practice.

Yesterday I watched Now That I Have You. It was a feel-good film, really. And the story is soo corney but cute! Hay, I could imagine myself being showered with rose petals on the MRT station... Hahahaha!! Then I would be kissed. O davah?! (Borrow Kace!)

Last Thursday, I got well damn rained on! Argh!! I was soaking when I arrived at home, can you buh-lieve that?! Luckily I didn't get sick.

Still on yesterday, my foot was sore like hell. Mum and I shopped around since it was sale at the mall. And what an appetite! Would you believe I ate a slice of blueberry cheese cake and a vanilla-cinnammon smoothie before the movie, then right after we bought siomai, then went to Mooon and ordered capisenos? Whew! I wouldn't wonder if I suddenly bloated up. Oh no. This has got to stop! NOW.

MANTRA: I will go on a diet. I will watch what I eat (Repeat that a gazillion times)

But still, I loved the vanilla-cinnammon smoothie. Hey, call me weird, and it tasted weird huh but I like it. I just can't explain why. Next time we go to the Dessert Factory I'm having another one!

And wheew, the capisenos never tasted so delicious. If you're wondering what they are, they're chips with melted cheese on it, and some sort of ground meat, sprinkled with what looked like pepper. Stop. My mouth's watering na!!

Outta here! Till next update!