viernes, agosto 27, 2004

Bored Like Hell

Like what I told Fiona earlier, I'm bored like hell.


I guess I should be thankful for the 4-day holiday our teachers gave us, especially because I was sooo stressed out in school and was actually considering to miss a day of classes. Hmm, if the HS department decided to suspend classes because of no water supply then I should destroy that pump everyday. Just joking.

So here I am, typing up this entry, playing my new CD for the umpteenth time, wondering if Ate Marie and Ate Judith would reply to my e-mail today. Nyehe.

My conscience tells me I should go and work on my THE project which was--is--a pain in the asshole. My body tells me I'm lazy and forget about it. Duh.

I'm trying to fall asleep but for some strange reason I just can't do so. This morning, I woke up at half past seven even though I slept around midnight. I tried to fall back to sleep but I just can't. Insomia? I don't know.

I'm compelled to write a poem, a song or maybe a fanfic but my mind is lazy. Duh. Everything about me is lazy. So I guess I'll just surf the 'net, like xangas, blogs, Drew Arellano's thread in PEX, etc.

Hay life.