jueves, marzo 23, 2006

Hey guys! :-) I'm sorry if I haven't been the blogger that I usually was before. It all started when I got so busy, and then there's the fact that I've discovered other things that have captured my interest other than this blog of mine.

So, as of the moment, I'm giving up posting on this blog. Okay, in actuality, I did give up posting a long time ago, since... when was my last entry again? Since my last entry. There.

But the thought of me just leaving it alone without saying anything makes me feel guilty, so I'm saying it now: It's not a good-bye, it's just a hiatus.

Someday, I'll come back. I haven't totally given up on blogging, y'know. It's just that I'm blogging in a different place. Who knows, someday I might get over that blog too. One thing's for sure, and that is that I will always cherish this blog because I love it. It has been a great friend to me.

Okay, getting too mushy for words, but I've said what I needed to say, except for one last thing: See you when I see you! Love yah guys!

~ Patty

domingo, febrero 19, 2006

Peace Camp

I haven't updated in a LOOONG time already. I've been so busy with schoolwork (as usual). It was only recently when I passed the term paper and the investigatory project, both of which were taking a lot of my time. What's keeping me busy right now is the play production. We're doing Twelfth Night, by Shakespeare. I'm the Director of Photography and the Head Designer as well. *sighs tiredly*

A lot of things happened on Friday. In the morning, we had the Tribute to Service for our teachers. I hitched a ride home with Vera and her mom on lunchtime, only to come back to school after one hour, fully bathed, packed for the Peace Camp and clothed for the Raki concert that the Glee Clubbers and the Songbirds were watching.

We went back to school at around five-ish. The camp had already started with a talk from the Gen Rev people (which was nice, by the way. Starting peace within ourselves and our families. Really paid attention), and we all hastened to change into proper clothing before going to the camp site. I was already feeling the chills as I changed, but I didn't think I was getting sick already.

But I was so cold already by the time the peace talk ended, so when everyone else was making peace with their enemies, I hurried off to where Meg stood and told her I was sick and she dragged me off the grounds. And I cried. Seriously. I was SO pathetic. Meg calmed me down and helped me warm up for a while. But that did not stop her from threatening to call my mom and drag me home. I didn't want to miss the Peace Camp so we made a little deal. She would give me an hour, and if I still wasn't feeling better, she would send me home. So there we were, and my circle of friends trooped to where we were, who were also - can you believe it? - crying! O_o

Anyhoo, I was feeling loads better so I went back to the grounds to look for Angela, who was carrying some of my things. Then I spotted Teacher Anne and I went to her and we hugged each other and I ended up sobbing again (Gak!! Crybaby!!) and since I can't keep my mouth shut, I also told her that I was sick. And like Meg, she also threatened to send me home, but I told her about the deal, and she was okay with it.

I went back to the classroom and took a pill of Biogesic from Regina. I was loads better after then, and I helped set up Meg's tent. Okay, maybe I wasn't that much of a help, but I was there anyway... holding... rods? Meg left the manual in her car so they were having a hard time with it. It was supposed to be dinnertime, yet none of us were able to eat. In the end, we just made sure it was upright, and went back to camp grounds to have games. My fever had gone, so Teacher Anne and Meg weren't able to drag me home. Yay.

We ended up with the living rosary at around half past ten. I was already bloody hungry by then, so when it was time to go, we went to Kimi's tent and ate dinner. Cold Burger Steak isn't exactly the best dinner, but the Dorritos with salsa was good.

Slept at around twelve-ish. Gabey and I kept on saying good night and good morning because after we would say that, we would end up talking again, and therefore have to say good night again. But we eventually fell asleep... and I got feverish again! I kept waking up at intervals, and I woke Gabey up too... she did all sorts of things for me like giving me her sheets because I was shivering (despite that anyone could've died from suffocation) and putting her skirt on the edge of the tent so my feet won't get wet (it was raining). Seriously, she really put up with me, and I thank thee for that, Gabey.

Around four, I woke up and ended up crying again (geez!). I was so cold, even though I had two sheets piled on top of me. I wanted to seek medical help, but decided I could wait until we get up, so I slept again and woke up an hour later, when Gabey said that I was so hot, we should go and find Teacher Anne or somebody. Never got around to finding her, so we just kept our tent and got ready for the day ahead. Thankfully, my fever broke again.

It was six-ish when we gathered on the quadrangle again for the closing ceremony. The people in front made us take this oath which was SO long it made my hand hurt. Before that, we had a 'warm-up'... which was actually dancing to Crazy Frog. Oh, well.

Here is my Peace Camp version of Notes to Self:

10. Chips Ahoy and iced vanilla coffee make a good breakfast.

9. You will run out of digital camera batteries if you are paranoid.

8. When the Seniors say "warming-up", it doesn't actually mean you'll be doing
exercises. It means, you're going to dance to...

7. ... Crazy Frog. Which does not remotely make a persons' day. Baa-baa-ring-ding-ding-ding-ding...

6. Candies as game prizes? Not good enough. Especially if you're sponsoring the prizes in the first place.

5. Eat when you're supposed to. Otherwise, you're going to end up eating at eleven in the evening.

4. Bring a box of crayons. Don't ask.

3. The idea of being woken up by a whistle does NOT make the Peace Camp peaceful.

2. It is probably best to just take a pill and shut up when you get sick, lest your friends and teachers threaten to hurl you home. Also, it pays to have a 'motherly' (or so, she reckons) tentmate. She will be your nurse / geisha.

1. Never underestimate the power of Biogesic.


viernes, febrero 03, 2006



O_o Imagine my surprise when I opened MuggleNet today and I saw the headlines: Kingsley Shacklebolt, Arabella Figg, Young!James Potter, Mangorian, Luna Lovegood, Dolores Umbridge, Bellatrix LeStrange, and Nymphadora Tonks got cast already!

WB announced it earlier that they already have their Tonks, along with their Kingsley, but I didn't expect they would be revealing it today! I got so stunned.

And I got depressed because my dream role went to someone else! *hackhackchokechoke* Hello, Warner people, I am here! :P

I want to hate Natalia Tena, but I can't because... because... I just can't! *wails* I find myself liking her very muchly, but I will abhor her if she does not give my favorite character justice. And look at her initials! NT! NT = Nymphadora Tonks! WTH?! I'm PT! *wails again* I got missed by a few letters! Gah! *facepalm*

I hope she goes well with David Thewlis. *cough*booksix*cough*

Imelda Staunton was a 'surprise'. :D Well, she already said a few months ago on the telly that she was going to be Umbridge, and lo and behold, here is the confirmation. I can't wait to see her and Dame Maggie Smith bickering on the silver screen. WB better put that part - McGonagall really shines in book five.

I don't know about Evanna Lynch though. I've only seen one photo of her. She looks kind of sweet, but I don't sense the Luna vibe from her yet, maybe because she's still raw material. But her hair - it's so yellow! It reminds me of... Lindsay Lohan in her blond hair phase (which she dyed again, thank heavens).

Here are some of the other people cast:

Gotta run.

*runs while wailing, "They have a Tonks already!" wah.*

martes, enero 24, 2006

I think I'm going to cry...

School is so cruel.

I'm supposed to be doing my Math assignment right now, which is to copy down some theorems, but the page that my teacher gave me doesn't contain the theorems she was talking about! I've talked to two people already, and they told me the same page number!

Plus, my group leader Charmagne just texted me about our term paper. Instead of just making a summary for chapter three, she wants me to create the summary for EVERYTHING, and I can't do that without Chapter 1, which I don't have.

Oh, God. Help me, please.

PS: And, okay. Maybe it doesn't help too that in the other room, my mom is watching Love, Actually. I want to watch too, but instead I'm stuck doing stupid homework. Gah.

I think I

domingo, enero 22, 2006


Bloody sodding hell, is this me? Have I actually stayed away from blogging in ages? Oh, my gawd, the world is ending, the world is ending, the world is ending...


Like what I've told Kryzzy in our text-message exchange yesterday, everything's been kind of a blur for me lately, thus the title of this blog post. Random, because I am not blogging about anything in particular... it's... well, random.

I do miss my blog. I terribly do.

All righty, on to the entry. The other day my class and I had our Peace Day. The Peace Day is just a fancy name for the Free Day, which is what the school awards the class who wins best class for three consecutive times. We SO wanted to go to the beach, but we were forbidden, so off we went to the South. So now, let's play a little game. Guess who bought three pairs of shoes in Carcar?

But, honestly, can you BLAME me? I mean, there were a lot of shoes to choose from, and I could not resist them. So I bought two pairs of espadrilles and a pair of slippers, and I'm feeling slightly guilty that I've bought a lot, but what the heck. Had I brought along more money, I would've seriously bought more, but I'm not the only one though. I can name two people who are in the same boat. Our class President Daryl bought three pairs, and my friend Bre bought four pairs. I took photos, but have not uploaded them yet so I might edit this entry to include the photos later.

Lately, I've been feeling SO lazy. It seems as if I could not pester myself to do things, but maybe it's because of the fact that the school year is ending. How could I not act this way? The bad part is, teachers have been piling a lot on us. There lies the problem. I even want to finish my fanfiction so badly, but I am too lazy to do so. What do I do? I surf the internet or watch DVDs. Recent ones I've watched is The Mask of Zorro *drools over Antonio Banderas* and Love, Actually *ahem* Honestly, I should just bugger off and buy my own copy, I'm forever borrowing Akkie's. Well... she does owe me a DVD. *cough*getmeloveactuallyplzkthx*cough*

By the way, I just heard from friends that Manny Pacquiao won the boxing match against the Morales guy, who some of my classmates find hot. Er.. right. But anyway, this just means I won a bet! Hahahaha. I get Yellowcab pizza! Hurrah!

Well... I better bugger off and attempt to do my assignments. Summer break's just a corner away, and I totally cannot wait. Lahahaha.


jueves, enero 05, 2006

Slightly Bonkers

First day of school after the Christmas Break, and I've been yawning all day.

I'm so sleepy right now, I would probably doze off the minute I place my head on the computer table. Not ideal, seeing that I have a lot of things to accomplish before turning in.

Oh, gawd, I'm so tired. I need my caffeine mix, which I could not get, because I might end up not sleeping the entire night. Again, not ideal.

For the past few weeks, I have been addicted to a Harry Potter RPG. It is called Michief Managed, and it's set in the year 1975, when all the Marauders were in their Fifth Year in Hogwarts. I play Andromeda Black, who is Tonks' mum, but after a few weeks of participating in the RPG, I've also applied for Madam Rosmerta. It's really fun and quite addicting, except for the mere little inconvenience of the players having different timezones, so usually, when I get online after school, no one's around.

I met Akkie for breakfast yesterday. We had a little trade; she lent me her original Love Actually DVD with all the deleted scenes goodness and Kelly Clarkson's The Trouble With Love Is music video, and I lent her my copy of All-American Girl.

Must hurry off. The sooner I eat dinner, the sooner I can get things accomplished, the sooner I can turn in. Pip pip!

EDIT: I must be sleepier than I thought, since I hit the Publish Post button without giving out my little announcement...


Yes, it's now confirmed. Anyone who wants this goody should start saving up for it now, which is exactly what I'm doing, except that that plan sort of bombed since I had to buy some materials for a project. But must ask mom for replacement money. Ha-ha. The DVD will also be released in high-def, which means good news for the high-def television owners. High-def is a new type of video quality that makes viewing absolutely beautiful because it is like you're actually in the movie yourself. Sounds great, doesn't it? But the glitch is that DVD players and television sets supporting this format costs a lot, so will just get DVD. Plain DVD. Sheer DVD. =P

The DVD features a lot of deleted scenes from the movies. Check out MuggleNet for more information. As for me, I'm getting it the moment it's stacked on video stores (that is, if I've saved enough. Bwahahahahaha!)


lunes, enero 02, 2006

Starting the New Year with a Meme

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Not really in the mood to blab, right now, but I'll take a meme from Patty.

List seven songs that you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, they must be songs that you're really enjoying right now. Post these intructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they are listening to.

1. Don't Speak - No Doubt
2. The Story Continues - Harry Potter OST
3. Too Lost in You - Sugababes
4. The Trouble With Love Is - Kelly Clarkson
5. My Humps - Black Eyed Peas
6. Magic Works - Harry Potter OST
7. Don't Cha - Pussycat Dolls

Taggy-tag: Ate Judie, Gabrielle, Meg, Tammy, Ate Toni, Aki, Kace